Sphinx offers reliable, professional, and affordable services. All our services and FLAT RATE, No hourly rate, NO SURPRISES. Below are some examples for services and some prices we may offer.





$60 Virus / Mal-Ware Removal!

Includes Virus Removal + Tuneup/speed up + System diagnosis. 

Please note, prices below apply to most cases. These prices cannot be combined with other coupons and/or discounts. 


Hardware repair for Computers and Laptops: FREE

Data recovery :FREE

TV repair: FREE    (may be retrieved via phone)

Cell phone repair:FREE

Services; Such as Repair, Installation and Set-ups 

Ram installation for Desktop& Laptop :FREE when you purchase RAM From SPHINX. 

Data recovery starts at $40

Data backup/transfer :$25~$40     

Desktop Internal physical clean: $10    (also done free with other services) 
Same-day support (on-site) free diagnostics, we charge extra for rush/same day service, ask for more details.
System Tune up and Optimization: $60
Operating system Installation and Upgrades  : $60
Custom-Built Computer Systems   (see below for labor):Up to $75                   
Network Setup (wired and wireless) :Quote based on location and number of computers
Wireless Network Security Configuration
Network maintenance and Support
PC troubleshooting: $60
Computer system diagnostics and troubleshooting: $60
Computer repair and maintenance: $60

System Wipe "No Data/ Program saved": $30 ~ $69

System Wipe " With Data Backup" :$40~$60

System Clean "Without loosing any files or program:$60

DC Jack Soldering  For laptops and tablets, all in one etc" Includes the DC jack":$60~$89

Video Chip Infrared Re-mount/Re-flow /Motherboard repair: Up to $120

Overheat fix/repair :$40~$99

Deploy/image sector-by-sector: $75~$120

Laptop hinges repair: $75 for most models. 

Laptop Video cable replacement: $60 for labor + video cable price. $15.00+. 

Laptop Screen replacement :Call for estimate

Laptop Keyboard replacement Parts & Labor:$39 ~ $59 (for most models)

Laptop Bottom case replace/ Repair

Laptop Mouse/Touch-pad repair

Laptop Palm-rest repair

Laptop Processor/ Ram .. Replace/ Upgrade

Solid state drive upgrade without loosing any files or programs: Up to $60 for labor

Laptop HD drive diagnostic and replacement

Destructive Wipe service: $25

Regular wipe when you drop off computer for recycle: FREE

Recycle your old computer: FREE

General/Custom soldering: Call for quote. 

Cracked screen on iPad, iPhone, tablets laptops>  Vary for each model, please call to get free estimate.
Hardware reconfiguration
Desktop computer upgrades
Laptop computer upgrades
Server upgrades
Virus  Removal :$60 "Not includes backing up Programs and settings" 
Spy-ware Removal
 :$60  "Not includes backing up Programs and settings" 
Format and Partition Hard Drive: $20
Internet Connection Assistance :$20 ~ $60
New system installation  
Small business network to share resources such as printers, scanners and DSL high speed internet services.
Home office network to share resources such as printers, scanners and DSL high speed internet services.

We replace Laptop screens, Tablets screens, iPads screens, Smartphones screens

Service (Non-specified):

We offer a flat rate of $60/HR for labor. This doesn't includes parts if needed. This special offer does not apply to business services, Data recovery, Soldering work, and other special services, please check prices above, call or stop by, if your request is not previously mentioned. Please note that these special rates only apply for in store services. 

Off-Site Service (Service Call) 

Service Call is $120 for the first hour + $99 for every additional hour. Any call over 5 miles away from our location will receive an additional charge of $4.00 per mile. We guarantee to be the fastest in repair, almost all of our service calls do not exceed an hour. We offer discounts for senior citizens and home users, Discount doesn't apply for business.