Physical Care:

Desktop :  Make sure you clean your computer from dust every couple months or so,  that will keep all your computer fans have a way to breath and will help preventing your computer from overheating.

Laptop: Do not put the laptop directly on the carpet or on the bed, any of these soft surfaces could block the fans on the bottom of the laptop and will lead to a serious overheat issue,  if you want  to use your laptop on a soft surface then make sure you have other solid surface underneath the laptop as a piece of wood Plastic .. etc...

By: Saad

What is a Malware, How do i get infected with a malware or a virus?

Answer :  Malware is a bad programs "Scam" that try to make you believe that your computer is infected with viruses or/and that you have a bad hardware piece in the computer, and ofcourse the only way to get rid of that is to pay them money. 

--> You become infected with a malware or a virus when you simply click on their links online, they are usually tricky, or attractive statments to get poeple to click,  So do not click anything online unless you trus it for sure.

By : Saad